Backbone of SAVV Global

Agnelorajesh is the backbone behind the company’s vision, strategies, collaborations, and milestones. He provides thought leadership to keep the company ahead of its competitors.

A serial entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a strategist, a philanthropist; Agnelorajesh wears many hats. What is interesting is Agnelorajesh who was deprived of a comfortable home as a child owing to his challenged economic background is today a passionate property developer and builder, creating luxury homes for people.

He started his entrepreneurial journey from a computer education centre and leapfrogged into the real estate within a short span. With his love to connect with intellectual minds, he brought the best brains of the industry together to create designer lifestyles at affordable prices.

He wears many different Hats

A globetrotter, Agnelorajesh loves forming associations with people across cultures and countries. He takes immense delight in connecting with intellectual minds and creating Inspiring Conversations – one of his favourite social initiatives.

A look at a normal day in Agnelorajesh’s life is all about kick-starting the day responding to whatsapp messages and email communications; followed by an hour at the gym; then he travels for meetings, which involves strategizing meetings for new businesses and operational meetings for current activities.

He wraps up his professional side with instructions to his team and dose of daily self-introspection. He ends the day exploring content on Netflix, which he applies to his personal as well as professional life.

The man behind the vision of SAVV, a devoted father, a supportive husband, a doting son, has a fascination for good homes, latest gadgets, fancy cars, stylish clothes, and unique wearable accessories. Curious to know more about him, check out

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Innovative Thinker

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