The White House, Coimbatore

Is the price per square feet high ?

In Coimbatore, the flats start from INR 4000 per sq. ft. to INR 15000 per sq. ft. depending on the location and quality/amenities provided. Even the projects which have a price of INR 15000 per sq. ft. do not come even 50% close to the White House Coimbatore.

This is the first ever designer project in Coimbatore, which boasts of some of the richest people of Tamil Nadu, who have purchased their properties here. The number of apartments are restricted to only 48 for imparting luxury comfort to the prospective buyers. The density of people occupying these premises is very less as compared to other projects/buildings.

The elevation feature of the project and the lifestyle terrace is a first not only in Coimbatore but in entire Tamil Nadu. Big investment has been planned for the lifestyle terrace, which will be the talk of the entire state, ensuring a feeling of pride for each apartment owner.

Having the trademark and design of the internationally acclaimed architect, Ms. Sussanne Khan, is one of the most significant aspects of the project. The brochure and a visit to the property will make you experience that the project is worth INR 20,000 per sq. ft.

Each apartment looks like a bungalow once you enter the apartment. Such is the lavishness and layout that the ceilings have a good height and the living rooms and bedrooms are all well-spaced.

Mr. Kapil Chitale, our architect, is one of the most prominent architects in entire Tamil Nadu. He is a third generation renowned architect in his family and a man of great repute. His firm has been operating since 1932 and has a legacy of multiple generations of the same clients as customers.

Mr. Bhavesh Shah, Aecon consultants, is one of the most sought after project management consultants in Mumbai, who works on all our projects all across India. A man of repute and experience, his sharpness to detailing is his expertise.

Mr. Nageshwara Rao, the leading Vastu consultant of South India, has provided his expertise and guidance.

In short, we have brought the best expertise on board to create a magnificent project which will always be the owner’s pride.

We predict a very good appreciation for all our buyers on this project due to the various aspects mentioned above.

What is the project completion date ?

This is a completed project.

What is the exact location of the project ?

The project is 150 meters away from the main road, and hence, the property is totally pollution free and noise-free. People today prefer the convenience of the location along with a pollution-free environment and the luxury of being in a noise-free area away from the honking traffic.

This project is well placed and located for a magnificent luxury project, just 1/2 km away from the prominent race course road of Coimbatore.

What are the arrangements for water and power in terms of regular supply ?

There is a water management consultant who has planned the water storage and water supply in a manner where water will be available to the complex 24/7.

Our electrical planning experts and electrical contractors ensure highest quality of wiring and the backup of a generator, which is of optimum size to ensure continuous supply of electricity in case of any government related power cut or power shortage.

We understand that water and power supply are two very important aspects of any residential complex. And we have walked the extra mile to make sure these two issues are addressed well.

Power and water supply are problems all across the country. But as developers, we want to create our mark to ensure that our relationships with our flat owners are forever.

For the power management, the generator supports lights and fans in the apartment to make sure that the comforts of the flat owners are not compromised.

What about the gymnasium ?

The gym is sufficient for multiple members at any given point of time.
All the regular equipments are installed for the flat owners to maintain a good healthy exercise routine.

What are the details of the clubhouse ?

We have an independent two level clubhouse so that there is no disturbance/nuisance to the occupiers/neighbours. Games like table tennis, chess, carom board etc. can also be played in the clubhouse, which can also double as a party hall or function hall when there is any event in the family of any flat owner. The gymnasium is also located in this clubhouse.

India is prone to the mosquito problem. What are the precautions that you have taken ?

The project is made as per international standards. The sewage and drainage systems are installed in a way where there wouldn’t be any problems in the future, which might lead to foul smell or stagnant water which breeds mosquitoes.

The exteriors of the project and the non-constructed areas are also made in a maintenance free mode. There are no water logging situations nor is there any possibility of stagnant water.

The entire construction is planned in a way which is easy to be maintained by the society after the handover happens.

What about the access roads, vehicle movement, and car parking ?

The access road from the main road is 40 ft. wide, which is more than sufficient for the project.
The entire project is a gated community and the access to the complex is well protected and guarded.
Within the complex, there is a provision of 96 stilt car parks for the 48 flats. Plus a few additional cars can be parked in the compound area, which is used for guest car parking.

Are bank loans possible ?

Yes. The project has been approved by many financial institutions and banks like SBI, ICICI Bank, Vijaya Bank, India Bulls Housing Finance Ltd., and other leading banks/financial institutions.

We have a very focused and effective team at the site and in our offices in Chennai and Mumbai, which can do the entire loan sanction process for the client effortlessly right from initiating the loan process to the disbursement as per work progress of the project.

How is the lobby built ?

There are three wings in the project. The wings are named after the birds found in Coimbatore during different periods of the year. The A block is the Flamingo wing, the B block is the Falcon wing and the C block is the Fantail wing. Each wing has a separate beautifully designed entrance lobby. It is made in the trademark Sussanne style.

What's going to be the interiors ?

Each flat has stylish floorings, well done bathrooms with branded fittings, and a semi-finished kitchen. All these have been designed by Sussanne Khan. We also assist the customer if he wants us to do all the interiors for his flat. For this, we charge extra and on actual costs.

What is the maintenance cost of the villas ?

The maintenance cost is approximately INR 3 per sq. ft. per month. This covers all taxes and common area costs of power, water, and security. For the quality of the project, this maintenance contribution to the society ensures the upkeep of the project for the comfort and pleasure of all.

Is there a pond or a water body nearby ?

There is a beautiful pond located at a very close distance. The city corporation and the local people are coordinating for the beautification of the pond, and soon it will become a landmark water body and a place for walking and rejuvenating.

What are the salient features and differentiation points of the project ?

  • A designer project by Ms. Sussanne Khan
  • Complete gated community
  • International styled elevation
  • Palatial look and modern outlook
  • Each apartment comes with a puja room
  • Clubhouse
  • Water and power management
  • Sufficient parking
  • Peaceful and quiet location
  • High value and renowned neighbours within the complex
  • Well secured complex
  • Branded fittings in the entire complex
  • Lifestyle terrace with swimming pool and all ultra-modern features designed by Sussanne using state of the art materials

Well placed and renowned people including established NRIs have already bought apartments in the project. These are people who appreciate quality and design elements and make such high quality purchases. Some have bought two apartments together and clubbed them in a linear format or a duplex format.