The White Villas, Shahapur

What’s the pricing in Shahapur area and at the White Villas and how is The White Villas different ?

Generally, in Shahapur, the flats being sold by other developers start from INR 2800 per sq. ft. to INR 3500 per sq. ft. These are generally regular flats and small-sized apartments with no amenities.

The White Villas is the only designer project on that 167 km stretch from Mumbai to Nashik. This is a limited edition Mediterranean styled project with 43 designer villas in a fully developed 2 acres of land designed by Ms. Sussanne Khan as a first phase.

The villas have a clear height of 11 feet on the ground floor and a maximum clear height of 18 feet on the first level. The 3 BHK and 5 BHK spacious villas are built with an open-to-sky terrace, lending an extended feel to the bedrooms.

The ground floor has a large and spacious living room, one guest bedroom which extends into the rear open area, and a kitchen with a separate service area. On three sides there are open spaces that can be accessed from the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen, which is a unique feature to be enjoyed within the villa. Further, all rooms have large 8 feet high French Windows.

The villas have an independent compound wall with a covered car parking at the entrance to the villa.

The 5 BHK villas come with an ownership of a 2400 sq. ft. plot with independent entrance and four sides open, giving it the look and feel of an independent bungalow (plot size varies with the location of the plot in the project).

What is the project completion date ?

We work in a very structured way. We have engaged the best professionals from the construction industry – be it the contractors, the designers of the villas, the architects, the project management consultants, the power and water management consultants, or the Vaastu consultants.

Our projects are the fastest when it comes to construction and delivery, in and around Shahapur. We deliver our villas within 18 months from the date of booking. To stick to our deadline, we select the materials for the entire project and keep all working drawings ready well in advance.

What is the exact location of the project ?

The project is around 500 m from the main NH-3 Highway because of which the project is almost pollution free and noise free.

People today prefer locations that promise travel comforts along with a pollution-free and noise-free environment.

This project is well placed and located to make a luxury project happen in one of the best locations of Shahapur, which is at a 15 km radius from the prominent religious locations of the vicinity.

The White Villas, Shahapuris approximately 45 km from Thane and 75 km from Mumbai. Atgaon railway station is 3 km away from the site.

Close to this property is the famous Manas Mandir and Gurudwara Sahib Shahapur, two renowned religious spots, which have added to the value of Shahapur and its surrounding areas.

The hill station IGATPURI is 55 km away from it while Nashik city is 102 km away and Shirdi is 175 km away.

The travel distance from Mumbai to The White Villas, Shahapur is less than 100 minutes, depending on the time of travel. The roads are new and broad for a comfortable ride, and the highway connecting it is well-known as one of the fastest and well-developed roads around Mumbai.

What are the arrangements for water and power in terms of regular supply ?

A senior water management consultant, one of the best dealers of Kirloskars, has planned and taken care of the water storage and water supply so that water is available in the complex 24/7.

Further, we have our own water source and an RO purified water plant to ensure safe and high quality water 24/7.

The villa gets water from two sources – an independent overhead water tank per villa and a common water storage tank for the entire complex.

Our electrical planning experts and electrical contractors ensure the best quality of wiring and a backup of an optimum sized generator to ensure a continuous supply of electricity in case of any government-related power cuts or power shortage.

How is the clubhouse like ?

We are providing an independent two storied clubhouse with a built-up area of 1800 sq. ft. Indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom board etc. can also be played in the clubhouse. The gymnasium is also a part of this clubhouse.

The amenities area is an open plot of 8880 sq. ft. with good lawns and lighting, to be used for celebrations with family and friends by the villa owners.

What about the entrance to the project ?

Ms. Sussanne Khan has ensured that everything, including the grand entrance, is a piece of creativity to marvel.

The entrance to The White Villas, Shahapur is well secured and designed with elegant gates and aesthetically planned lights. The entrance itself is a piece of art adding value to the overall project. The overall project is well-protected with a tall compound wall.

India is prone to the mosquito problem. What are the precautions taken ?

The project is being made as per international standards. The sewage and drainage management systems are handled by experienced professionals. With the best architectural planning and methods, they have ensured that no foul smell develops in the future nor is there any waterlogging for mosquitoes to breed in.

The exteriors of the project and the non-constructed areas are also being made in a maintenance-free manner.

What about the access to roads, vehicle movement, and car parking ?

Every villa has an exclusive parking at the entrance of the villa.

The internal roads are 9m wide for smooth movement of vehicles. As they are wide enough, they can be used as parking for guests for all the 43 villas.

The entire project is a gated community and the access to the complex will be well protected and guarded.

What is the payment schedule for the villas ?

2Instalment 2On execution of the agreement20% + applicable government taxes

# Instalments Work Details Instalment %
1 Instalment 1 Before the execution of the agreement 10% + applicable government taxes
3 Instalment 3 On completion of the plinth of the villa 15% + applicable government taxes
4 Instalment 4 On completion of ground floor roof slab of the villa 12.5% + applicable government taxes
5 Instalment 4 On completion of first-floor roof slab of the villa 12.5% + applicable government taxes
6 Instalment 5 On completion of the walls, internal plaster, floorings, doors, and windows of the villa 5% + applicable government taxestd>
7 Instalment 6 On completion of the sanitary fittings, staircases, lift wells, lobby up to the floor level of the villa 5% + applicable government taxes
8 Instalment 7 On completion of the external plumbing and external plaster, elevation, terraces with waterproofing of the villa 5% + applicable government taxes
9 Instalment 8 On completion of the electrical fittings, villa water connection, paving of areas appurtenant to the villa within the subplot of the villa, and all other requirements as may be prescribed in the agreement for sale of the said sub-plot with residential villa(this excludes the common amenities shared by all the villa owners). 10% + applicable government taxes
10 Instalment 9 At the time of handing over of the possession of the subplot and villa to the purchaseron or after receipt of occupancy certificate or completion certificate 5% + applicable government taxes

How are the interiors like ?

Each villa comes with a stylish flooring, well-done bathrooms with branded fittings, and a semi-finished kitchen. All the materials used are exclusively selected by Ms. Sussanne Khan.

What does the villa’s maintenance cost ?

The maintenance costs will be approximately INR 3500 per month per villa. This will cover all taxes and common area costs of cleanliness and security charges of the overall complex and common electricity bills for the common lighting and other electrical devices of the project, meant for the general use of the gated community.

The maintenance costs may increase per year based on the inflation and actual incremental costs.

What are the salient features in a nutshell ?

  • A gated community with good security and a designer entrance to the complex
  • Power and water backup for each villa
  • A beautiful clubhouse with a swimming pool
  • A calm, quiet, and green surrounding
  • The first and the only designer project in the vicinity branded by Ms. Sussanne Khan’s house of design
  • Bank loan availability from all the leading banks
  • Each villa is constructed as per the strict guidelines and specifications of Ms. Sussanne Khan and the materials are personally hand-picked by her to ensure her personal touch to each and every aspect in line with her brand name and also ensuring the best quality of construction and finishes
  • All grills/ railings used for the villas are specially designed by Ms. Sussanne Khan and are unique in nature
  • Each villa has an independent overhead water tank
  • All internal roads are spacious with a width of 9 meters and paver blocks
  • The theme of the project is Mediterranean with white colour dominating the complex, which makes it classy, elegant, and modern.
  • The roof of the villa is made of Oakridge shingles, a premium American product, which adds long life to the roof
  • A small, private, and exclusive community of only 43 private villas constructed as per international standards with complete security and personalized Greek names

What is the gap between the three sides of the villa ?

The gap between two villas is 3m and is separated by an internal boundary wall 1.5m away from each villa.

What is the size of the space for the car parking ?

The car parking is 2.4 x 4.65 meters (8 x 15.3 ft.).

How are the street lights within the gated community ?

Street lights are approximately 7.75m (25ft) away from each other, out of which every alternate light is solar powered.

What is the size of the swimming pool and the paddling pool ?

The size of the swimming pool is 5 X 10 meters (16.6 X 32.10 ft.) with a depth of 1.06 meters (3.6 ft.).

How is the sewage managed ?

All sewage will be collected in the septic tank, which is connected to a soak pit.

What is the size of the common tank for supplying water to the villas ?

Size of the UG Sump for storing water is 10 m X 3.5 m X 3 m and the capacity of the tank is 60000 L.

What are the material specifications for the villas ?


Exclusively designed 3 BHK and 5 BHK villas


  • Ground plus 1 RCC structure with 11 ft. height in the ground floor and 18 ft. height in the first floor with sloping roof finished in shingles
  • 1 covered stilt floor car park


  • Living room – 1200×600 mm premium quality wooden finish vitrified tiles
  • Dining – 1200×600 mm premium quality wooden finish vitrified tiles
  • Kitchen – Premium quality 600×600 mm matt finish vitrified tiles
  • Guest Bedroom – 1200×600 mm premium quality wooden finish vitrified tiles
  • Master Bedroom – Wooden finish flooring vitrified tiles
  • Children bedroom – 1200×600 mm premium quality wooden finish vitrified tiles


  • Premium quality 600×300 mm ceramic tiles


  • Guest Bedroom – Wooden finish vitrified tile in an attractive pattern
  • Master Bedroom – Vitrified tiles in Karora white(Italian look)
  • Children Bedroom -Grey coloured vitrified tiles


  • Guest Bedroom – Wooden finish vitrified tiles
  • Master Bedroom – 600×600 mm matt finished full body vitrified tiles
  • Children Bedroom – 600×600 mm matt finished full body vitrified tiles


  • RCC staircase with heavy duty vitrified slab as tread with a black and white riser in ceramic tiles


  • Heavy duty 16mm thick, 600×600 mm anti-skid vitrified tiles


  • All skirting similar to the respective flooring


  • Acrylic emulsion paint for all internal walls – Jotun or Asian
  • Plastic paint on all ceilings – Jotun or Asian


  • CP and Sanitary Fittings – Kohler


  • RCC roof finish with Owens Corning or equivalent brand shingles


  • Main door – Country teak wood frame in 7″x3″ size with 35mm thick veneer finished flush door and good quality hardware/handless
  • Bedroom door – Country teak wood frame in 5″x2.5″ size with 32mmb thick laminated finish 8’x3′ flush door with good quality hardware/handless
  • Toilet door – Country teak wood frame in 5″x2.5″ size with 32mmb thick laminated finish 8’x2’6″ flush door with good quality hardware/handless


  • Modular switches – Anchor Roma
  • Adequate generator back up for common areas lighting
  • Television points in living, family, and bedrooms
  • Provision for outdoor lights in stilt and compound


  • 500 l O/H loft tank in each villa for captive water storage
  • Garden/Lawn in open area of each villa as per design
  • All toilet ducts are covered as per design with materials from Lowes
  • Each front terrace has pergola as per design
  • MS grill for balconies/sit-out with 4 inches series
  • Aluminium windows in powder coated finish with clear glass
  • Visible roof soffits with wooden finish
  • Front sit out in wooden finish concrete