The Budget Man

Inventing, reinventing, refining, and setting processes – that’s Nagu Chidambaran also known as The Man of Precision. Construction, quality, or finance – he creates a process and repeats it, till he achieves the desired perfection. In his words, “My job is to put a method to madness. Why? Because I’m obsessed with quality, and want to completely wow the customers”.

For him, business is not simply work but it’s his hobby, it’s his passion. Second to business is sports. There was a time he wouldn’t let go of his tennis racket. Currently, however, it has been replaced by the gym where he finds relaxation and a complete ‘me’ time. However, the treadmill is the place where he does his numbers too. Multitasking!

He is the budget man! Totally organized and totally honest!

Visionary of SAVV

Coming from the Nagarathar community, he hails from a family engaged in different verticals and spheres of business for over a 100 years, where he inherits the honesty and strong business acumen.

When he says quality it starts from the first ‘hello’ on the phone until the customer gets the required banking assistance to the possession finally. And that’s not a one-time process but a continuous effort.

Son of Tamil Nadu’s legendary personality Mr. V. N. Chidambaram Chettiar (ex-chairman of Madurai Meenakshi Temple) Nagu Chidambaram is also the founder and Managing Director of Sun Industries and Sun Investments.

He is the recipient of THE NATIONAL AWARD received from the hands of Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, the then President of India.

He has envisioned SAVV as an institution and not just an organization, making it synonymous with the word builders and developers providing homes to millions.



Precision Oriented