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Global Indian Realty Summit (GIRS)

St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures and News18.com co-launched the platform Global Indian Reality Summit to update investors across the globe about the changing dynamics of the Indian real estate business.

The Summit highlights the various opportunities that lie in the real estate sector. Thereby, it guides interested real estate investors in their investment decisions.

Its first edition was launched in Dubai. It was attended by many celebrated personalities who shared the dais to illuminate the audience with their vast information on the real estate scenario.

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International Development & Welfare Foundation

International Development and Welfare Foundation, is an NGO established in 2003. Agnelorajesh, the Chairman of SAVV, is one of its trustees. The NGO has been helping economically underprivileged people of the society with free education and medical aids. Run solely with the contributions of its members it does not accept any donations.

IDWF has conducted a number of free cataract operations for the needy. They provide aid against natural calamities and Sanatoriums, support orphanages and shelters for women and child safety, and help in the socio-economic welfare of rural areas apart from many other activities.

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Inspiringconversations.in is a platform to bring together successful entrepreneurs from different fields around the world. It was created by Agnelorajesh for entrepreneurs to share their stories and experiences with others. It tries to unravel the thought process, the strategies, the effort entrepreneurs put in to achieve a flourishing business.

The platform is presently followed by thousands of entrepreneurs from across the globe. The philosophy that runs behind this platform is “learning from the experiences of others”.

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‘Life is Beautiful’

‘Life is Beautiful’ is a motivational program broadcasted on Doordarshan and also aired on Dubai radio. Through this program, Geetha Nagu, the Managing Director of SAVV, shares her thoughts and ideas with the masses to create a happy and beautiful life.

Geetha Nagu sees beauty in life and loves to share the essence of a happy life. Through this program, she attempts to show people the route to a happier life. She speaks on various topics ranging from parenting, good manners, relationships, positive thinking, tackling competition, adapting to changes to many other issues.

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The pain of a family when any of its members goes missing is inexplicable. Agnelorajesh understands the support people need in reaching out to the missing member. He, therefore, actively supports the platform missingpeopleinfo.com, which is involved in searching for individuals who have gone missing from their families.

Missingpeople.com is the brainchild of ACP Vasant Dhoble, who has done a lot for people who had gone missing. He has traced thousands of them during his stint with the Mumbai police.

This platform has been conceptualized and is operated with the help of numerous NGOs, selfless volunteers, and prominent personalities including film star Ajay Devgn.

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Inspiring Business Fundas

Agnelorajesh firmly believes in the significance of learning from the experiences of others. The mind gets food for thought and new ideas are generated when one listens to the experiences of others. Based on this belief, he created his own YouTube page, Inspiring Business Fundas to share the vast entrepreneurship knowledge he has garnered over the years. It is a platform from which new entrepreneurs can draw a lot of inspiration and ideas.

The topics of his discussion vary from branding to other business concepts to help entrepreneurs imbibe new strategies into their business.

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Mobile Application

Agnelorajesh created Inspiring Conversations, a mobile app, to help people learn various business facts. Through the app, he shares interesting interviews with flourishing entrepreneurs.

The videos are divided into two parts – the highlights, which are for 15 minutes and full episodes, which run for almost an hour. They are aimed at giving entrepreneurs an idea about different business models, solutions to various business issues, and developing their own business through the knowledge gained from the stories shared.

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