The Organization Matriarch

If you ever are in awe of the discipline at work at SAVV Global, the credit goes to Sugra ‘The Organization Matriarch’ who sets timelines and monitors every aspect of the day to day work.

Finance, administration, and human resources are what Sugra Athaide, looks after. But her role supersedes these areas. Don’t be surprised to find her behind the registration desk if need be or efficiently leading a large team to get work done.

The hidden spine of the company, Sugra plays a crucial role in all activities that demand attention. She is the nurturer of the projects visiting delivery sites and cementing loopholes if any.

A Balanced Leader

When quizzed as to what drives her to give her best at work; she says, “I want our customers to get a lot of value in return of their investment with us. If they have paid us X, they should get 10X from us”. No wonder, she ensures the smooth delivery of commitments at SAVV Global.

Coming from an economically challenged orthodox Muslim family from Mahabaleshwar, Sugra takes pride in her parents who never compromised on her education and provided her with a convent education.

Sugra did her Masters while in charge of the HR department at St. Angelo’s education business. She wished to make value addition by introducing innovation ideas into the business. The HR degree gave an impetus to her plans with a new and insightful perspective. A Libran, Sugra is pragmatic, super adaptable, and loves balancing and planning things ahead.

Sugra believes in prioritizing every area of her life, which makes her a doting mother, a supportive wife, an understanding boss, and a balanced leader. And she loves each of these roles. Teaching is another area close to her heart. She plans to devote time to it in future. Apart from this, she enjoys baking, music, and dance.

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